The Poet`s Pasture

The Poet’s Pasture is situated in Silsden, West Yorkshire. It’s a place to imagine, create and inspire.

A beautiful piece of music called, Lost for Words.

The Poet’s Pasture

Meet me in The Poet’s Pasture,
lovers of words,
lovers of life,
lovers of emotions
Beneath the verdant path which spreads across hills and fields as far as the horizon on which the golden sun sets to end another day

Meet me where conifers stand
Evergreen through seasons of change as guardians of hidden secrets and enchantment waiting to be found
Where berries on bushes feed birds who entertain freely with songs of old and new. They tell of secrets, if only we knew their tongue

A place where sweet plums taste delicious off the branch, but they can wait to fill that forgotten receipe for a pie
Red Devils tempt, nothing better than a juicy apple. Please, help yourself. Try one.
No forbidden fruit here and you are all the fairest in the land

Meet me where the Silver Birch stands protecting
A sign of new beginnings
Warding off evil
Shimmering under a full moon with bark the same as the haunting light

Where roses unfurl in colours of red, orange, yellow, white, peach and blue
Petals soft and fragrant, protected by thorny stems
Feelings, emotions, inspirational indeed
Love, romance, fascination, joy, purity, loyalty, excitement, desire, hope and sensitivity
Pick with your eyes as fingers need not bleed
Let your thoughts become words and the ink will flow

Meet me where wild flowers grow in abundance in a myriad of colour. Their scents carried on the wind with whispers.
Where the Holly Bush gives courage through Winter, reminding of the beauty of nature. Red berries feeding the Mistle Thrush so he may serenade at dusk and dawn

Meet me in The Poet’s Pasture
Where a bench awaits your company,
your friendship,
your laughter,
your thoughts,
your words
And under the light of the sun we shall weave our words of magic
And under the light of the moon we shall dream about them

David Driver 2023