Our dreams come true through words.

David is a regular on the open mic circuit, both locally and sometimes in the USA.

He sometimes writes and performs under the name Arthur G Mustard.

Subjects include fun, children, love, family, fantasy, horror and life.



Love is a whisper on the wind,
a song echoed across the ocean
Love is birdsong in the trees,
a soothing feeling of emotion

Cab Ride

Scents, smells, scintillating sensations of the city

Indian spices, Turkish kebabs, cheap burgers and coffee under the mighty symbol of the big yellow `M`

The chippy conquered by the foreign invader,

They tasted better in the good old newspaper

Reminiscing, too much thinking, no need

It`s Thursday, early finish, escape the prison of that bloody office four floors up

A change in the weather, nagging chilly wind with light rain

April, I wish you were warmer

My favourite bottle of red fits snugly in the inside pocket of my raincoat

NO umbrella for me! It`s all about Film Noir

It`s not the first time, NO

No, not by a long way

But my heart starts racing,

A cocktail of nerves and excitement surge

Like a well-rehearsed piece, my rides awaits

Black curves covered with rain droplets

Sit on well-worn tyres,

Belching fumes in to just another street in the capital

Opening the door I step inside

“Usual”, comes the only conversation needed

And I reply with a nod

The journey becomes a blur, until we break away from the city

Eyes open when the engine stands idle

Two crisp notes are handed over,

Topped with a pack of twenty filter tipped Norwegian cigarettes

“Just after midnight?” comes the question

My half smile replies

A winding drive is lined with rose bushes

Reaching the porch I can almost taste her flesh as a familiar perfume excites me

The door opens to reveal my raven haired seductress draped in Chinese silk

How did you learn to smoke a cigarette like that?

As the green, dragon etched garment is dropped to the floor, she smiles, turns and walks away

Two glasses await as we meet in the parlour

And I quickly produce the bottle of red

A fire burns and delicate shadows dance over her soft seductive curves

We both enjoy a glass and then delicate, flirtatious fingers peel away my clothing

Exciting me almost to a climax

Like a wild white panther she claws, bites and excites

The rug is soft on my back as I lay exhausted,

Casting knowing, slow eyes over her sweat soaked curvaceous pale flesh

We finish the wine, laugh, share another cigarette

45`s bring Hendrix, The Doors and Marc Bolan to the party

She laughs and invites Patti Smith

Desire becomes a hunger

Laughter continues,

Champagne is popped and stairs ascended

The bedroom slakes more cravings of lust

She watches, watches with a look only she can stare

I don`t bother with the tie

And house it in the pocket where the Claret opened up the evening`s thirst for desire

We don`t use words for goodbyes

The latch drops and the cold night bites

Headlights are dipped, but the engine runs

When I open the door a black coffee waits on the back seat

It warms and sobers as we pull away

And I start another cab ride


Discarded, like an old pair of boots

A soulless man, lost his roots

Discarded, like a rusty old van

A homeless lost cause looking down the eye of an empty beer can

Discarded, like a ripped pair of jeans

Next meal in the bin, a cold tin of beans

Discarded, like a smelly pair of wellies

Cause of death for the masses, empty bellies

What you do

Kisses and cuddles

Jumping in puddles

Pet names

Silly games

Holding hands tightly

Sharing a bed nightly

Enjoying life

Husband and wife

Laughing, crying

Hard times, trying

Getting old together

Love each other whatever

I love you and you love me

Ain’t that the way it’s just meant to be

Last Orders

An orange sun dips below the gentle western hills

Birdsong is taken up by owls and the odd lazy crow who won’t give up centre stage

Trees gently sway, as the wind softly ruffles branches; time to wake denizens of the night

Chimneys exhale hypnotic swirls of smoke

And candlelight casts the shadows of lovers on walls

Silvery trails of light illuminate rooftops and cobbled streets all the way up to the church which sits on the hill

The moon goddess is all powerful tonight

Stars shine bright in the night time throne as the clouds have been banished

Cottages fall to darkness at random as lights are extinguished

Laughter sounds from the pub as customers joke

And the usual concoction of alcoholic mix scents the air

Staggered walks begin along with goodbyes

What a beautiful village

So glad I moved here, it has everything, the family will be so happy when I send for them

No need to waste time,

The darkness is limited and many still believe in the cross

Time to call ‘last orders’ and try a pint of the local vintage

Funny how they say ‘You return to your roots’.

Haven’t been here since seventeen eighty three,

Not even a marked grave after I hung for theft

Shame on you!

Not very Christian

But Vampire life is so very me

Fluffington Tidsworth

Mr Fluffington Tidsworth is a very handsome cat,

he looks extremely dashing with his cane and his hat.

The ladies rather love him, indeed a first class treat,

always is the gentleman, dancing light up on his feet.

Strutting down the alley with a swagger and a smile,

he’s been at number seventeen and he’s been there for a while.


I hope my sunflower will grow

In the ground is my little seed

But I`m worried and don`t really know

He`s down there with a tough looking weed

In the ground is my little seed

I hope he`ll grow tall and strong

He down there with a tough looking weed

I hope he`s not down there too long

I hope he`ll grow tall and strong

Become a beautiful bright yellow flower

I hope he`s not down there too long

I want to watch him hour after hour

Become a beautiful bright yellow flower

But I`m worried and don`t really know

I want to watch him hour after hour

I hope my sunflower will grow

Are you free tomorrow night?

Holding hands, getting caught in the rain.

Saying good night, will I see you again?

Of course I will, of that I’m sure,

it’s our first date and our love is pure.

The Wizard

Between that precious time

before the sun casts down its mighty rays of golden light

across this land of forests, oceans, deserts and dreams,

I see you.

Floating across the dew drenched green within the haunting,

wispy tendrils of mist,

with the dark denizens of the night taking all in with

their never to tell eyes.

They wait! All eyes fixed on you until your powerful hands,

adorned with the green jade rings of the serpent queen

cast your mythical gifts to the ground.

Smaller jewels are carried away on the wings of silent bats.

A wolf pack approaches with caution,

before carrying away a chest of gold containing rubies larger than a man`s hand.

You meet the eyes of a fox, they match your own, a wry smile escapes.

Black powerful muscle glides from within the forest,

the mighty panther stalks and our paths have crossed before.

But this time you know your master, submitting like a tamed dog,

licking his hands which bare the same black talons as your own.

From within his purple feathered cloak he produces what all kings` desire, a silver sword, decorated with diamonds from the deepest troll caves.

The panther bows and gently takes the gift,

carrying it deep within the forest where it will wait to be found.

A matching dagger is tossed to the air, spinning, twisting, turning.

Silently, suddenly, the pure white owl, whose knowledge all seek,

clasps the jewelled blade.

Effortlessly gliding to the waterfalls,

where the green water flows and the mermaids sing their secrets,

she allows the jewelled blade to plunge down

in to the watery chasm to dwell within the deep enchanting waters.

His work is nearly done.

He pauses, he scans.

He knows I am watching, his eyes see all,

see through the dark, see me.

I am no threat though, for I also know the panther.

He is the one who took my leg.

He is the one who scarred my face and blinded my left eye.

The price I paid for the secret of secrets.

But my son sleeps, an infant barely walking.

He shall grow, become strong, become fast.

My son will move like the wind,

he shall be the one,

the one you will take as your own.

For that is your secret, the secret not many know,

to touch your purple cloak just before the first golden ray of sunshine warms the ground.

And the prize?

You must take him as your own,

teach him all your secrets,

unveil the realm of magic,

gift him just like you.

My son will have the ultimate prize.

Let kings, adventurers and fools fight and squabble

for your scattered treasures.

I know the panther`s lair,

his moves , his mind.

I know where the owl and fox lie in wait.

They shall not take him.

Your head is bowed, you summon him,

your departure is drawing nearer.

The sun awakes on the horizon,

chasing away the night.

Before my very eyes he appears.

Magnificent, powerful, mystical;

your dragon.

Circling twice, he bows to your authority,

finally stretching out a wing to rest at your very feet.

Gracing the crimson scaled wing with your footsteps,

you leave a silhouette behind.

Veins of red smoke coil within

and it becomes leafy flakes of gold;

enough for a beggar to buy a kingdom.

Sitting in the green leather saddle,

you take up the reins

and cast a final glance at the ground before a final glance at me.

But you shall return, return after another seventeen winters

and I will have prepared him for you.

Effortlessly the dragon takes flight, heading west,

west to The White Towers of Stone at the end of the world.

Three rhythmic wings beats and you`re gone,

just as the first streak of sunlight strikes the ground,

causing the priceless flakes to vanish in a flash of brilliant blue light.

Farewell until next time my old friend, farewell my wizard.

When you return my son will know your name.

Ssh, don`t say a word

It`s such a privilege to be part of Viral Verses https://www.viral-verses.com/

Poetry and artwork come together in this wonderful book and I love how my words have been interpreted in another creative platform.

Ssh, don`t say a word

Soaking in the silence, soothed by the calmness, the sunshine and a gentle breeze blowing lightly on my face

Bushes bloom, bearing berries which feed my feathered friends. I close my eyes and birdsong takes me to happy memories

Dragon flies hover over a summer pond and fish lightly break the surface, talking in bubbles of silent speech

A red kite soars on advantageous thermals searching for a lazy hare lost in dreams.

Swallows swoop, gulping from the water of canals, whilst mallards rest at ease on the far side away from the worn boots of ramblers which have clocked up a thousand miles.

Ssh, don’t say a word.

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