99 Word Stories

Be brave, be bold, give us a story that`s never been told. Don`t be shy, give it a try, no limit on your age, come and join `The 99 Word Story Book Page`.

The 99 Word Story Book is designed to encourage a love of stories, storytelling, build confidence within and give people a voice. It`s also a good discipline for any writer wishing to hone their craft or begin the journey of becoming a writer. The project`s aim is to spark inspiration, imagination and creativity within people. The project is for all ages, abilities, cultures and backgrounds. I believe that The 99 Word Story Book is very much achievable by all.

The 99 Word Story Book is all about giving people a voice, a voice through storytelling and the written word. Storytelling has been around for thousands of years and what can be more powerful than the use of the written word.

Need a little inspiration? Read the stories below.


 Huddling, the family looked out through the glass in horror. Rising and falling over the waves, the storm was relentless. Lightning danced in arcs of white, a heartless wind howled and rain lashed down on the highway laced with salt. Dawn brought hope. Warmth and calm spread across the ocean. A beach led to a green forest. Everyone cheered as the green bottle came to rest on the shore. Grandad kicked out the cork. Out jumped the elves. Fleeing the destruction of the goblins, they`d found a new home and were more than just another message in a bottle.

Catch a fish

The tournament started with a clang of pots and pans tied to the willow tree and excitement rushed through the contestants. Blue Hat Hare led them up the hill to The Great Pond and it was Old Woodpecker who reminded them of the rules. Cawing Crow kept count and Crazy Squirrel marked scores up on the blackboard with his stick of yellow chalk. Grandma Hedgehog had made pots of plum jam and Slim Stoat served up his famous elderberry fizzy lemonade. And the winner was young Walter by two bream and a stickleback; after all, he was a Kingfisher.

Takeaway Girl

She always works the late shifts, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and every other Sunday. Daytime`s not her thing and some people like it that way. We`ve been seeing each other for three months now and I`m used to dropping her off late and picking her up early. On Thursdays I arrive an hour early. Don`t have to order, it`s ready and waiting, quarter pounder with cheese and a black coffee. We always listen to music from the 80`s on the way home and then it`s off to her coffin. Well, where else is a vampire going to sleep?


Snow fell across the mountain regions, cold, unforgiving; just like the westerly wind that howled and whipped over the plains. He was the last of his kind, hunted from birth, outcast, reviled. A magnificent sun would soon begin to rise in the east, spreading a red hue over the blankets of white. Standing tall, naked, his mighty black wings spread. Fangs bared and he smiled. To drink the blood of humans was the pleasure of the vampires. The sun’s rays would claim him, scattering him like ash across the snow. HE was a Prince, last of the Kallak Vampires.

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