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My favourite author at the moment is Guy N Smith, who recently passed away due to Covid. Most of his books are horror and the stories are excellent. He doesn’t waste time on picking exactly the right word, but instead tells a rattling good story that makes you pray you locked the doors and windows before going to bed.

Enid Blyton
I doubt if anyone over the age of 30 and living in Britain’s childhood would have been complete without Enid Blyton. It would be a shame for all of us to show off our literary knowledge of the classic authors, whilst ignoring one, who, for me, was vastly influential in encouraging me to discover the wonderful world of reading! I can remember reading about Noddy, Big Ears and the world of Toytown, before moving on to The Secret Seven, and then on to the Famous Five! I believe, these books gave me the grounding in what I expect from books, basically, the ability to transport me to another time and place.
In some respects, it is sad that Enid Blytons books are now dated, and probably have little appeal to the youngsters of today, having little to do with fast cars, motorbikes, and, if course, computers! Which, are so much of children’s upbringing these days, it’s hard for them to imagine a world when there were no computers, or even T.V. for that matter! To me, Enid Blytons stories are in the main, quintessentially English. I would be interested to know, whether or not they were available in any great abundance in America? or translated into other languages? Perhaps I should do a bit of research on Facebook?
It seems sad to me niw, that in years to come, children will no longer be transported to a imaginary land of adventure, where the good guys always win, where no one used bad language, and violence was practically unheard of in children’s literature. Now it seems to be all Superheroes, who’s answer to evildoers is to be stronger and tougher than they are! Ah, for the days long ago and the sweet innocence of childhood!

I messaged two acquaintances, one in Alaska, and one in Kansas USA, and neither of them were familiar with Enid Blyton, so it would appear that the fame of Enid Blyton never crossed the pond.

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