The Cockwinkles

Drama, fun and adventure set in Yorkshire.

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Based on an idea by David Driver

The story is set in the fictitious village of Puddlewick, Yorkshire, present day. It revolves around the Cockwinkle family who have been there for many generations. The Cockwinkles are scrap dealers. Puddlewick is a typical village with many colourful characters. The village includes a pub, The White Swan, a village shop, a church and a manor house. Many builders and land developers have their eyes on plots of land, which is causing issues galore.

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Enoch Cockwinkle

Elsie Cockwinkle

Socrates Cockwinkle

Verulia Cockwinkle

Grandad Cockwinkle

Winnie Wadenknacker


Kevin Caan

Miss Fuchs

Pinky Waters


Lady Patricia Levington Marsh White

Albert Duck

Rosie Duck

Mick Brummer

Elvis the dog

Bronte the cat

Ronan the parrot


Episode one – Builders, Banks, Beef Wellington

Episode two – Mad Irish Woman

Episode three – Phone Calls

Episode four – Pub Quiz

Episode five – Family

Episode six – Bombshells and Holidays

The Gingerlicious Players

Mike Boothroyd – Socrates Cockwinkle, Mick Brummer

David Driver – Enoch Cockwinkle, Grandad Cockwinkle, Kevin Caan, Army Captain, Jebadiah Wadenknacker

Ros Driver – Elsie Cockwinkle

Debbie Ellison – Rosie Duck, Pinky Waters, Lady Patricia Levington Marsh White

Mike Elllison – Albert Duck

Mark Kelk – Spud, Policeman, Amazon delivery man

Irene Lofthouse – Winnie Wadenknacker, Eleanor Fuchs, Police woman, Amazon delivery woman

Emma Victoria Smith – Billie, Verulia Cockwinkle

Elvis the dog – Himself

Bronte the cat – Herself

Ronan the parrot – Himself

Written by David Driver

Artwork by Martin Williamson

The Cockwinkles` Song

Music/musical arrangement Heath Common and John Hardie

Lyrics David Driver

Studio editing, mixing and sound effects John Spence

David Driver
John Hardie
Heath Common
Ros Driver

John Spence and myself
Irene Lofthouse
Mark Kelk
Emma Victoria Smith