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Sonnets are one-stanza, 14-line poems, written in iambic pentameter. The sonnet derives from the Italian word sonetto, meaning “a little sound or song.”

A little guidance;

  • Fourteen lines: Sonnets have 14 lines, which can be broken down into four sections called quatrains.
  • Rhyme scheme: The rhyme scheme of a Shakespearean sonnet is ABAB / CDCD / EFEF / GG
  • Written in iambic pentameter: Sonnets are written in iambic pentameter, a poetic meter with 10 beats per line made up of alternating unstressed and stressed syllables.

A sonnet can be broken into four sections called quatrains.

  1. First quatrain: Establishes the subject of the sonnet.Number of lines: four; rhyme scheme: ABAB
  2. Second quatrain: Develops the sonnet’s theme.Number of lines: four; rhyme scheme: CDCD
  3. Third quatrain: Rounds off the sonnet’s theme.Number of lines: four; rhyme scheme: EFEF
  4. Fourth quatrain: Concludes the sonnet.Number of lines: two; rhyme scheme: GG

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One reply on “Sonnets”

This beautiful sonnet was written by my good friend and fellow poet, Marian Barker.

Summer Sky

I gaze; my eyes in awesome wonder grow.
Like saucers round and staring wildly up above.
I watch the clouds float by like summer snow.
I see the birds, the thrush, the hawk, the dove.

And then I see the bigger scene and smile.
As shapes form there before my very eyes.
I spy a world in clouds for just a while.
In summer, a majestic sight, the skies.

I take my time to sit and stare a while.
In peaceful calm and full of grateful bliss.
And as I sit, the sun gives me a smile.
I am rewarded with a summer’s kiss.

And all this time, life goes on hurtling by.
As I enjoy my bit of heaven – sky.

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