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Man of Gold

There is, I`m told,

a man of gold

standing at the edge of the world

Set sail in your ships

To where the setting sun dips

on the faraway western horizon

Pull, pull, arms ache, wooden oar

Through depths of ocean where sea dragons roar

And the winds dare not scatter the clouds

Grey mountains and snow to the east and west

Hope in your hearts to complete the quest

Become legends told in languages and ink

Decks lashed

Sails, rigging, smashed

The graveyard of galleons calls

Some will live, some will die

Death rolls the dice, but never with a lie

Calm waters for the chosen of prayer and stained glass

There is a shore of pure , white sand,

that touches water of emerald green

With silver barked trees and blossom of purple

Golden steps ascend to the sky

Cut in to mountains of deepest blue

And beyond…..

There is, I`m told, a man of gold

Standing on the edge of the world

Standing on the edge of the world

He`s standing on the edge of the world


Tears drop
Never stop
Your pain
Just like rain
Flooding my heart
With thoughts of you again

No journey can ever be far enough away
What did you do today?
Lovers once more in our bed
How can I erase that from my head?
You said we were forever
But Im the one thats fled

We tasted each other, naked, bare skin
Looked in to souls, knew what was in
Words spoken with hearts, spoken with truth
But the scent of another is the only proof
What did she give you I never,
Apart from her youth?


Sunlight filtered in,
but the oil painting remained untainted
Exquisite brush strokes
Smooth, gentle
Ambience untouched

Looking good
Smelling good
and tasting even better
She was one gorgeous woman
and I couldn’t decide between love or lust

My day always started with an arousing cup of coffee, I just loved the aroma,
and a slow cigarette

But then…..
We both enjoyed it slow
and loved the smell of each other


Love is me and you,
a wonderful feeling we share
Holding hands
A gentle kiss

Love is that safe feeling,
that feeling only you give
Your smile,
your eyes
Your little funny ways

Love is laughing
Love is crying
Love is happiness
Love is been funny

Love is getting soaked in the rain
Love is watching a sunset,
or becoming a little scared under a full moon
Love is catching snowflakes on your tongue,
or kicking up autumn leaves wildly

We all need love
Soak it up,
let it course through your body
and enjoy it to the full

Love Life

Love life,
you write the pages of your path
Love others,
they will fill you with warmth
Love the world,
it reveals beautiful secrets
which eyes will absorb and send to the heart
Love nature,
because it’s truly magnificent and the artist will never be known
Love music, laughter, food, wine, theatre and friendships,
they are a release from the shackled, daily mundane
Love the artists,
they unlock doors to escape the mundane
Love the lovers,
they unlock the heart


Lonely, lonely,

lonely inside

A hug, a cuddle,

it’s me, I’ve not died

Photos fading

Darkness invading

Waters wading

Sleep? Yes

Sleep? No

Lock door, outside no go

Feeling down

Feeling up

Table set,

one plate, one cup

Talk to me

Talk to you

A simple “Good morning”

“I’m fine, how do you do.”

Bread toasted

Chicken roasted

Washing pots

Joining dots

Ironing shirt

Shampoo squirt

Google, Google

Pot noodle

Make bed

Thoughts in head

Why me,

not you?

Why can’t I book a table for two?

Lonely, lonely,

lonely inside

I’m at the same address,

where I hide


Happy, what a beautiful day

Happy, all the sadness gone away

Happy, hip hip hip, hooray

Happy as peaches and cream

Happy as my favourite dream

Happy, winning football team

Happy, birthdays can’t come too soon

Happy like a big, red balloon

Happy, ice cream and spoon

Happy, birds singing

Happy, wedding, church bells ringing

Happy children, frisbees flinging

Happy, flying a kite

Happy, top of the class, questions right

Happy, lines learnt, no stage fright

Happy today

Happy, no other way

Happy, let the feeling always stay

Happy, hip hip hip, hooray


Strumming a six string song on a battered four string guitar

Contents of his wealth collected in an empty coffee jar

Yesterday’s news lines last year’s worn shoes

They’ve lost their sole, but he’s still singing the blues

Alcoholic dreams, alcoholic desires

Sidelined from the rat race, no thieves, no liars

Graffiti decorated concrete bed

Tired eyes weep and a heavy heart bled

In the town, in the city

Takeaway odours, noisy and gritty

Earning a penny plectrum performance from songs he hasn’t penned

Never mind, we all have dreams and surely can pretend

In chords of E or maybe G and sometimes even A

The sound of begging bowl chink clink when passing folk will pay

Rock ‘n’ roll T shirt complete with skulls and giant coiled green viper

An ill fitting Army and Navy coat, he’s no Japanese sniper

Songs live on within each heart

But sadly friendships have to part

My best friend gone, lifeless, dead

But I’m still here in my cardboard bed

Who wants a stray with no collar, just fleas?

Can I have a home, help me out please

I don’t have a brother, I don’t have a sister

My name is Hambleton and that would be Mister

The Velvet Clad Seducer and Serenader



eloquently smoking in the clubs

he is parading

A clean cut suit,

sharp shoes,

never fading

The velvet clad seducer and serenader,

not much conversation, but he just made her

Another notch, another score,

another woman hunger lust wanting more



acoustic words flowing on stage,

songwriting composition

Six string paramour,

plectrum delight,

lyrical condition

The velvet clad seducer and serenader,

not much conversation, but he just made her

Another notch, another score,

another woman hunger lust wanting more



a double with ice at the bar

will please her

Eyes mesmerise,

intoxicating odour,

aftershave deceiver

The velvet clad seducer and serenader,

not much conversation, but he just made her

Another notch, another score,

another woman hunger lust wanting more

A Heartbeat in Time

A heartbeat in time,

beating with yours

next to mine

Two lovers together

in rhythm and rhyme

Touch Feel Live

Touch your face,

your lips

Feel the warmth of the sun,

the warmth of your skin

Live life

Love life

Coursing within

Moonlit galleon

Cool waters whisper with secrets of the guilty and the dead,

reflecting the grey, ghostly moon above which commands tides of oceans and seas

Stars pierce and pinhole the canopy of black tinged with edges of red

Tattered sails hang lifeless

Salt lashed decking, silent as resting bones

Sea mist carries the vessel over waters, twisting, creeping along planks and mast

Lanterns of green light bow and stern

Candlelight flickers in the bedroom quarters

Warm, safe, inviting

Glasses sit empty alongside my favourite wine

Soft, silk sheets suggest

You have returned once more

Shall I join you?

Step from the cliff where the depths below will end a life and begin another

Love is life

You are my life,

my beautiful man

I can almost taste the wine and see you naked in the candlelight