A collection of my work.

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Mollie Button
Syonide Lepster
Zungas Plug

The Weird Wonderful Unique and Unusual Lives of Everyday People

A collection of eight short stories that will make you think
again about your everyday life.
Adult content.
The Purple Orchid of Ulysses Goyle

The University of Oxford and the Caribbean during the 1950`s are
the settings for this gruesome tale of horror.
Adult content.
The Rusty Old Tricycle of Abacus Shin

When the earth comes under threat from an evil General,  it`s up to Mollie Button to save the day.  A Sci-Fi adventure for ages ten and upwards.

Devilishly Dandelicious Poems

David`s first poetry collection written under the name,
Arthur G Mustard.
Very mild content.

Horrifyingly Dark Poems

Horror is the theme in this collection of scary poems.
The 99 Word Story Book

A collection of stories only 99 words long.
Gingerlicious Poetry

More poems for your enjoyment.
More Marvellous Mustardly Poetry

A second outing of poetry from Arthur G Mustard.
Winter Tales

The first anthology from Silsden based writing group, The Cobbydale Quills.

Adult content

Mr Yinks Stories And Other Fantastic Tales

Owls, folklore and mythology are the themes that feature in the second collection of short stories from The Cobbydale Quills.

Adult content.

Viral Verses

A wonderful collection of poems and artwork from the likes of
Mike Harding, Ralph McTell and Ian McMillan, including a
foreword by Dame Margaret Drabble
It was a true honour to be part of this wonderful anthology.
We are all shaped by the places in which we live and the people we meet, along with memories, work and experiences. This collection of poems takes a look at all of these things whist growing up in the North.

This book is for first time readers and early learners.
It allows them not only to learn the alphabet, but enjoy rhymes,
words and a little poetry. Adults are encouraged to read
out loud along with children and both can enjoy the pictures.