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Candles flicker.
Shadows dance over naked, seductive curves.
Eyes possess no words, but say all.
Hands gently glide,
Warm thighs,
hips, buttocks, breasts, neck line.
Touch, tease, tantalize.
Lipstick of red wine.
Taste your body,
taste your lips,
taste your breasts,
taste your flesh.
Sexual desires,
love making, open fires.
Shadows dance once more,
to the rhythm of two playing as one,
but do not bear the hot soaked sweat of satisfaction.
Flames dance wild and naked whilst we lay bare and beautiful; holding hands as eyes speak.

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Creative Writing by Debbie

Who I was in another life,
Someone’s daughter, someone’s wife,
A friend who never said no,
Quiet and introvert,
No place to go.

And now I find my life is changed,
With love and friendship rearranged,
New relationships that fit the real me,
This is the place I want to be.

So here I am celebrating my life,
A wonderful man as his friend and wife,
New friends from all around the world,
Sharing creativity my passion with an open heart,
Inspiring hope and joy for mental wellness within art.

As the future unfolds what will life bring,
Opportunities, adventure and unknown ideas,
Take a chance, take a risk don’t be held back by fears.
Stretch and grow watch the path ahead,
You never know what and time will tell,
How many lives you change as well.

So keep believing in your dreams,
Grasp each chance talk and learn,
Partnership working together is fun,
The way to succeed for everyone,
Gaining all those friendships and connections too.

Suffice to say
It’s Valentine’s Day
Remember a chance to a give love all around.

Written by Debbie’s Creative Corner

No Internet?
We can cope with winter, and snow without end
or with a virus, we can make do and mend,
keep a stiff upper lip with a will that won’t bend
but we’re buggered when the internet’s down!

We can do without power, (well, most at a pinch!)
we can do without telly, (for me it’s a cinch!)
and pass up on Christmas, we can all be the Grinch!
but we’re buggered, when the internet’s down!

We can all make a sarnie, if the cooker is off
get ourselves tested, if we develop a cough,
if we lose all our money, we’ll still pretend we’re a toff!
but we’re buggered when the internet’s down!

We can’t write a letter, (no spell check you see!)
no contact with friends, for you or for me,
we can’t see celebrities going out on the spree
‘cos we’re buggered when the internet’s down!

We can’t pay our bills, or do schooling on line
Google our ailments, diagnose broken spine
find out if the weather is wind, rain or shine
‘cos we’re buggered when the internet’s down!

We’ve to all sit at home, and stare at four walls
no FaceBook or Tik-Tok, nor video calls,
we can talk to our partners, but that quickly stalls
‘cos we’re buggered when the internet’s down!

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