What are you reading?

Please post your recommendations here.

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At the moment I’m reading ‘The Sanitarium’. It’s pretty good but I’ll give a proper verdict when I’ve read it all. So far it reads like a thriller.

Damn! And make sure you re read your posts to David’s web page and make sure Spell checker or predictive text hasn’t assassinated it!!

At the moment, I’m re reading “Undead and Unwed” by American author, Mary Janice Davidson, this is number one in a series of a dozen or so about a young lady who becomes a vampire! This puts a somewhat different slant on the Vampire theme, as it’s more of a light hearted romance. For myself, I love this series, but if I have one complaint, it’s that, like most authors, Mary J writes more for the American audience, and uses phrases and “colloquial” words that we (me!) am unfamiliar with. For example, she refers to “Bangs” what the he’ll are they? I’m still not sure, but they appear to be part of the “fringe” of the hair, that can get in your eyes. ( impossible in my case these days! Hair? What’s that?) So, if you are writing a story, think about who you readers will be, and whether or not they will understand “colloquial expressions”

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